Israeli intelligence informed the family of Abu Abed, east of Gaza City, to vacate their two-story home. The Israelis said they intended to use warplanes to destroy the house. A number of missiles were fired, destroying the family home, killing two, and injuring four civilian Palestinians late Monday

The family reported Tuesday that they were suspicious of the credibility of the warning as the party was speaking in broken Arabic. The man issuing the warning said, “We are in the IDF and you need to vacate the house immediately because he will destroy it.” Only then was the warning taken seriously.

It appears that the same situation was repeated with the citizen Salah Sha’er and his four-story home on the road between the western provinces and Rafah and Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. The threat was followed through on to completely destroy area homes, which injured several Palestinians. Another house in the neighborhood of , east of Rafah, was included.

The Israeli army has issued warnings days before Israeli warplanes targeted residential homes in the Gaza Strip, those they believe are used by members of the armed resistance.

In the same context Israeli forces displaced some 400 families in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia Monday. They claimed missiles were fired at Israeli towns north of the Gaza Strip.

Eyewitnesses said the Israeli army informed the owners of two other dwellings in Gaza City as a prelude to the aerial bombardments. The families are now homeless.

For its part the International Red Cross has denied Tuesday that it issued announcements to homeowners to evacuate, stating they do not act as a go-between with Israeli forces and Palestinian home owners with houses on the verge of destruction. A Red Cross spokesperson in Gaza said, “This cannot be the role of the Red Cross.”

He explained further, “When we asked one of the citizens who was bombed home why the belief is prevalent that the Red Cross told him to evacuate his home he replied that when he heard the speaker using a certain accent he said simply, ‘I think it was the Red Cross.’”

It is noteworthy that Israeli forces threatened to bomb and then destroyed the apartment buildings in the northern Gaza Strip under the pretext that there is a relation between the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and that of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in . The massive Israeli destruction of both the Gaza Strip and are undeniable.

Before Israeli forces conducted the so-called withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, although they remained occupying the borders, land and sea, they demolished resistance leaders’ homes with bulldozers and explosives.

Today Israeli forces bombed houses from the air, which forced families with no where else to go to watch their homes destroyed.