The Israeli army claimed on Tuesday controlling Bint Jbeil Lebanese town, less than 10 km north of the strategic village of Maroun Al-Ras, which was captured by the Israeli army at the weekend. At least twelve Lebanese, six Israeli soldiers and one Israeli civilian were killed on Tuesday.

General Alon Friedman, a senior commander in the northern regions said on Tuesday that Bint Jbeil became under the control of the Israeli fores.

Talking to the Israeli Radio, Friedman said that soldiers are tanks are now controlling the town. Fierce fighting raged in the area with Hezbollah fighters on Monday as Israeli forces pushed deeper into its northern neighborhood.

Moreover, the Israeli military confirmed that six Israeli soldiers were killed in battles near the town, at least fourteen soldiers were injured, including six who were injured by friendly fire. Two Hezbollah fighters were captured, army source reported.

On Sunday, Hezbollah spokesman said that three fighters were killed in gun battles in the area.

Also, the Israeli army shelled houses in Al Nabatiyya town, 25 km north of Bint Jbeil. Twelve civilians were killed in the attack. Among the killed, one man identified as Hamza, his wife and his two sons. The daughter of Hamza were seriously injured in the attack.

The Israeli army occupied Tallit Masoud area, which is one of three hills overlooking at Al Nabatiyya, in addition to occupying the hills of Maroud Al Ras and Baroun.

Hezbollah denied the Israeli claims and said that Bint Jbeil is not under Israeli control adding that Hezbollah fighters are engaging in fierce battles with the army.  

Soldiers shelled the villages of Al Dweir and Harouf. Near Al Nabatiyya, in addition to shelling a Camion near la Dahiya, south of Beirut.

The Israeli air army also shelled the village of Bobbein, and the towns of Kafer and Al Khiyam, in addition to shelling Marj Oyoun plains.

On Monday at night, soldiers shelled Al Hallousiyya town, near Sour, several residents were killed and their bodies were buried under the rubble of their houses.

Rescue teams were unable to reach the shelled areas as a result of the continuous Israeli shelling that also targeted main roads and bridges.

The Israeli air force also fired missiles at an ambulance near Qana town, south of Lebanon.

In northern Israel, a 15-year old girl was killed and over a dozen people were injured as Hezbollah gunmen fired Katusha shells at villages and cities across northern Israel, launching an estimated total of 55 rockets.

The girl was killed when a rocket struck a home in a Muslim Muslim neighborhood in the Galilee village, Israeli sources reported. Her 30-year old brother was seriously injured and her 12-year-old sister was moderately wounded, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Haaretz added that close to noon Tuesday, 16 Katusha were fired at Haifa and the surrounding suburbs. The attacks wounded 11 people and sent an additional 17 into shock.