Palestinian sources in Gaza reported on Friday that medical teams uncovered a body of a resident who was shot and killed by the Israeli army east of Gaza. The teams also found the upper part of the body of another resident who was killed on the first day of the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip.

Eyewitnesses reported that medical teams found the upper part of the body of Nahidh Habeeb who was killed on the first day of the Israeli military assault on Gaza, in addition to uncovering the body of Mohammad Abu Sakran, 22, from one of the agricultural areas.

On Friday at dawn, Israeli troops withdrew from Al Sha’af area in Al Shujaeyya, east of Gaza City, after destroying dozens of houses, killing and injuring dozens of residents, including children and elderly.

In spite of withdrawing from the area, Israeli troops stationed at the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip, fired with heavy ammunition at dozens of houses there causing considerable damage.

Israeli helicopters and drones are still seen flying over the area.  

At least thirty residents, including children, were killed over the past two days in the Gaza Strip, dozens of residents were injured, some are still in serious conditions.   

A report prepared and published by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) in Gaza revealed that 41 Palestinians, 23 of whom are civilians, including 9 children, 3 women and two disabled persons, were killed by Israeli army fire in the Gaza Strip in the period between July 20 and July 26.  

Nine of the civilians are from the families, they were killed in three separate attacks,  the PCHR reported.

151 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 24 children, two women, two journalists and two paramedics, were wounded by the Israeli military fire. 6 houses were destroyed and dozens of houses were damaged.