In a large-scale campaign against the northwestern West Bank city of Qalqilia Sunday, Israeli soldiers terrorized residents on myriad levels.

Beginning by invading the city at 2:00 am, Israeli forces opened fire and arrested five people, including those who work for the Palestinian Security bodies. During the arrest campaign, Israeli soldiers stormed several shops, and after forcing owners out proceeded to raid the shelves, including stuffing themselves with ice cream near the Zoo and Municipal Stadium.

A relative of shop owner Zakaria Salah said that Israeli forces essentially used a “vacuum in the shop,” taking all of the ice cream and cola and leaving after two hours.

Most of those arrested in the northwestern West Bank Qalqilia District are from Kfar Village east of the city. Among them are Ashtioi Mahmoud Abdullah, Ahmed Issa Abdul, and Ghassan Kaddoumi. The Israelis took all to unknown locations under the pretext that they were “wanted.”