Three prominent Jewish Moroccans, a leftist activist, an author and a human rights official, have submitted a petition to the Moroccan high court in Rabat. The petition accuses the Moroccan-born Israeli Defense Minister of war crimes.


Leftist activist Abraham Tsarfati, author Amran al-Malich, and human rights group official, Zion Asidon, claim Peretz may be tried in their country due to his Moroccan citizenship.

"The criminal terrorist, Zionist Amir Peretz, has retained his Moroccan citizenship and is still registered in Morocco‘s census," the three told reporters during a press conference. "Moroccan law allows the trial of any Moroccan national who has committed war crimes in or out of the country."

Lawyer Abd al-Rahim Ga’ami, who represents the three, said: "Amir Peretz’s political statements and the orders he has issued to his soldiers have brought about crimes of war and massacres against innocent civilians."

Also in in a number of Moroccan cities people observed angry rallies, demonstrations protesting the Israeli aggression, massacres in and Palestine.

In Casablanca the Moroccan national secretariat organized a rally before US consulate in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people, calling for instant cancellation of Israeli War minister, Amir Peretz’ Moroccan citizenship.

The Jordanian committee of sent a message to to the Jordanian Prime Minister asking that break its diplomatic ties with .

In a message from the head of the committee, Hamza Mansur, to the Jordanian Prime Minister, Ma’ruf Al-Bakhit, the call was clear: "We call on you to take a stance that will be recorded that you may win a victory for the innocent souls that are killed day and night by the Israeli government’s butchery and you also defend the reputation of , which we look forward to improving."

The committee asked specifically that their government withdraw the Jordanian ambassador to and expel the Israeli ambassador to Amman.