Members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad parties in Jenin are opening their doors to Palestinians residents of Haifa and Akka (Acre) seeking refuge from Hezbollah attacks.

The mass exodus of the Palestinians living inside Israeli 1948 borders to the West Bank comes in the wake of an announcement by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah telling Palestinians to flee in order to preserve their lives.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad party officials have been hard at work developing living arrangements for the Palestinians en route to Jenin.

An official told PNN Saturday morning, “Despite all the difficult circumstances, we are one people. We will take adversity and hardship in stride, and will stand up to Israel.”

Jenin government official, Atta Abu Armillah, also urged Haifa and Akka residents to not hesitate in responding to the appeal of Nasrallah. He noted that the Palestinian people inside the Green Line can unite to confront the hardships of the occupation and support their brothers and sisters facing additional Israeli military aggression in Lebanon.