The Palestine News Network reported on Saturday that thousands of Palestinian children marched in Gaza in solidarity with the Lebanese people, and children, subjected to daily Israeli shelling and attacks.

The children carried leaflets and chanted slogans demanding the International Community and Human Rights Organizations in the Arab and foreign countries to act against the Israeli offensive and protect the children in Palestine and Lebanon.

The title of the march was “Save the Children of Palestine and Lebanon”, it was organized by the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Gaza city. At least 3000 children participated in the procession.  

The children gathered in front of the Red Cross office in Gaza city and marched in Gaza street until the building of the United Nations.

“Why is the blood of the children cheep”, one of the leaflets read, “Human Rights activists, what are you doing to stop the killing of children?”, and chanted slogans against the ongoing Israeli offensive.

Upon arriving to the United Nations office in Gaza the children handed officials there letters to the Arab and foreign countries demanding them to protect the Palestinian and Lebanese children.

The children also chanted slogan in support to the Iraqi children.

One of the children at the protest addressed the American children and said; “tell your leaders that they should stop talking about childhood since they are killing childhood in Palestine and Lebanon, tell them to stop petting their dogs while crushing humans with shells, everything they do is nothing but death and destruction”.

Another child spoke in English and addressed Russia and several European countries, asking them to support the Palestinian and Lebanese cause.