Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, from the Hamas party, said
on Sunday that the movement has serious intentions to form a national
unity government, and that the movement is interested in the success of
talks with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

He added that he still hopes that the national unity government would be established in spite of the statements of Abbas when he said that Hamas backtracked on its commitments to a government that would recognize the state of Israel.

Hamas still rejects the conditions of the Quartet (the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia) that the movement should recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept the signed peace agreement.

The movement says that Israel shop pull out from the occupied territories and recognise a viable Palestinian State.

Meanwhile, Haniyya said that he will meet with Abbas again on Tuesday, and expressed hopes that talks on national unity government would succeed.

“We have pure intentions, and good will to form a national unity government”, Haniyya said in a press conference in Gaza, “I believe that the talks are progressing”.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Dr. Sa'eb Erekat, said that Abbas will meet with leaders of other Palestinian factions for further talks on the formation of the national unity government.

The Palestinian people are hoping that a national unity government would lift the embargo imposed on them since march and causing more poverty in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The embargo was imposed on the Hamas-led Palestinian government in an attempt to pressure it to recognize Israel, renounce “violence” and recognize the interim peace agreements.

Meanwhile, leader of some armed factions threatened that they would fight any government that recognizes the occupation. Abu Abeer, media spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committees, said that his group will “fight any government that recognises Israel”.

Senior PLO official Yassir Abed-Rabbo, said that there is no chance for a the formation of a national unity government unless Hamas accepts the interim peace deal and an Arab peace initiative. 

The United States has threatened to cast Fateh members who join a Hamas-led government, if the government does not “renounce violence, accept the interim peace deals and recognise Israel.