Although Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s statements to the UN General Assembly that the national unity government would recognize Israel were not true according to Hamas officials, the movement still supports the formation of a national unity government and would like dialogue to continue. 
A Hamas source told PNN Monday, “Hamas did not at any time agree to
recognize Israel. Inside, negotiations for the new government were
based upon the National Accord document, which does not include
recognition of the state of Israel.”  When taken in this context, Hamas
is still interested in forming a national unity government with Fatah. 

Abbas’s statement last Saturday conveyed a sense of doom:  “talks for
the formation of a National Unity Government have collapsed back to
square zero.”  Abbas claimed that Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders
withdrew their original promise that they would accept past peace
agreements made with the PLO, virtually destroying all that had been

Hamas’s statements are more encouraging.  Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad
told reporters that there was a good chance of forming a unity
government and that they did not have to start over. 

A recent statement issued by Hamas reminds Fatah that they are brothers
and must act together instead of relying on outside forces and “give
dialogue a chance to form the unity government.”

Abbas is to meet Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip Tuesday to resume dialogue about forming a national unity government. 

Sourced from Maan News Agency, PNN and Haaretz