Presidential Advisor Nabil Amr told a press conference in Ramallah
Tuesday afternoon that the national initiative has failed due to Hamas
not accepting the six-point plan negotiated by Qatar.

Amr publicly thanked Qatar's Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasmin Al Thani, for his efforts to mediate an agreement between Gaza and Damascus. His efforts on the international level are also greatly appreciated, said Amr, but the Hamas leadership in exile in Syria did not find the initiative acceptable.

After President Abbas met with Qatari officials, it was decided that the Qatari Foreign Minister would broker the deal relying on communications between Al Thani and several concerned parties.

The Fateh leadership said at the time, “We expect that the answer will be unequivocally positive to the six-points in the initiative.” Amr said, “The Presidency said yes, and approval will come internationally because the content is convincing.”

Meetings between the Qatari Foreign Minister and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya went throughout the night and into the morning. But, Amr said, “Unfortunately an understanding has not been reached.” President Abbas also traveled to Gaza to meet Al Thani.

Presidential Advisor Amr indicated in his comments to the press today that the purpose of pushing the initiative forward quickly was to immediately break the international siege imposed on the Palestinian people , and that President Abbas accepted the terms.

Amr said that there are no further meetings planned between President Abbas and Prime Minister Haniya on that issue, but that a new plan is in the works to break the siege by garnering international acceptance.