At least seven Palestinians were killed and ten were wounded, some
seriously, in an Israeli air strike on Saturday morning in the northern
Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said an Israeli Apache fired at least seven missiles at a group of Palestinians, including resistance fighters, in Izbit Abed Rabbo area east of Jabalia.

Ambulances hurled to the site and evacuated the wounded to Al-Awda and Kamal Udwan hospitals, in Jabalia.  Palestinian medical sources said that ambulances were targeted by the Apache which delayed their arrival to evacuate the wounded.

The killed were identified as Ramez Abu Rashid, Sakher Abu Jabal, Awwad Atatwa, Mahmoud Shaqqoura, Ahmad Abul Eish, Suleiman and Fayez Al-‘Err.  Al-Qassam brigades the armed wing of Hamas declared that all the seven are members fo the brigade.

Medical source at Kamal Udwan hospital said the bodies were severely mutilated as result of a strike, where two of the wounded are clinically dead, identified as Hani Al-Masri and Hani Siyam, where as the rest suffer moderate wounds.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip since June 26, Summer Rains military operation has raised to 285 after this mornings strike.

Recently, Italian journalists revealed results of tests made on samples from wounded and killed Palestinians by Israeli army indicating the usage of a lethal weapon that causes severe burns to the body.

Shrapnel of this weapon enter the body and do not exit, but leave some kind of metal powder, composed of phosphorus and tungsten.  These materials cause a very strong combustion that reaches up to 600 C (1112 F).

According to Italian TV24News, the American made weapon is called Dime, (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) and is still in the testing phase.  The report added that it has been used in Iraq and has been used in Palestine in the past two months.