Ibraheem Abed, a leader of the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of
Fatah, was injured in clashes between invading army troops and
Palestinian resistance fighters in Qabatia town, South West of Jenin,
in the West Bank, on Saturday morning.

Local sources reported that more than 20 army vehicles invaded Qabatia from several directions.  Soldiers conducted a wide scale search of residents' homes; ransacking families' belongings. 

Local resistance fighters attempted to hold back the invasion, resulting in clashes with the army and the damage of one military vehicle, from a road side bomb. 

Medical sources reported that Abed, who was wanted by the Israeli army, sustained a wound due to a direct hit of live ammunition in his abdomen.  He was taken to a nearby hospital where he is receiving treatment. 

Qabatia town, has witnesses intensive military invasions over the past week which has lead to the arrest and imprisonment of scores of local civilians as well as daily harassment when using the checkpoints surrounding the town.