Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Wednesday that an
agreement of a National Unity Government is the way to enforce law and
order, and ensure security for the Palestinian people. He warned that
“certain groups” are attempting to to spread chaos and intimidate the

Abbas expressed concerns over the increasing incidents of insecurity and chaos which harm the Palestinian National Interests of liberation and independence.

He added that he hopes that the National Unity Government will be able to control the security situation in the Palestinian territories in order to provide security for the people.

Commenting on the Israeli military escalation, Abbas stated that the Israeli military is ongoing with its offensive in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, leading to further casualties among the residents and their properties. 

The statements of Abbas came following his visit to Abu Ali Shahin, member of Fateh revolutionary Council, who was shot by unknown gunmen in Gaza City of Tuesday evening.

Shahin was moderately injured in his legs when unknown gunmen opened fire at him after a Radio interview with a Voice of Freedom radio station in Gaza City.