As the Israeli military continued its offensive in Beit Hanoun town, in
the northern part of the Gaza Strip, Israeli military sources that one
soldier was moderately hurt during exchanges of fire with resistance
fighters; several Palestinians were also injured in the clashes.

The sources stated that the soldier, member of the Givati Brigades, was injured when fighters fired anti-tank missile at a building occupied by the soldiers.

Army sources also said that several incidents in which fighters fired anti-tank shells at the army took place on Wednesday; the fighters also used small-arms.

Earlier on Wednesday,one Palestinian was killed in Beit Lahia town, in the norther part of the Gaza Strip, as a result of the continuous Israeli shelling.

The man was identified as Massad Abu Massiq, 25.

The Maan News Agency, said Abu Massiq, is a member of Al-Qassam brigade, the armed wing of the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas.

In the West Bank, Israeli soldiers took at least ten Palestinians prisoner in several West Bank area, and leveled several homes and barracks.

Also, five school students were injured in Jenin city, in the northern part of the West Bank, during clashes with the army.