Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip, reported that several residents were injured on Wednesday
morning, among them school children. The Israeli army
continued its invasion to the city that started last Monday, bulldozers
are destroying farm land while soldiers occupying houses and shooting
randomly at the residents.

In Beit Hanoun, medical sources reported three residents were critically injured on Wednesday morning when targeted by army helicopters.

Dr. Mo'awiah Hasanin, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Heath in Gaza strip said that Waleed Abu Qumsan, 19, suffered critical wounds in the head, while Sharef Al Bakri, 17, was moved to an Israeli hospital due to critical wounds, and a third resident was hospitalized at the Shifa hospital for treatment.

Three school girls were also injured today in the northern Gaza strip after being fired at by the invading Israeli forces.

They sustained moderate-to-sever injuries after soldiers opened fire at UNRWA School in Jabalia town, two were treated on the spot, and one was moved to a nearby hospital.

Moreover, Israeli forces attacked the house Jamilia Al Shanti, a Palestinian Parliament member, located in Ezbit Abed Rabbu area, east of Jabalia town in the norther part of the Gaza strip on Wednesday morning.

Army bulldozers and tanks stormed the village fired intensively at residents' houses, then attacked the house of Al Shanti.

Soldier searched and ransacked her house and forced Al Shanti and her family in one room during the search.

Al Shanti's house was bombed by the Israeli army several months ago, killing her sister-in-law, a mother of eight children.