In one of the few cases where the shooting of an unarmed man at an
Israeli checkpoint in Asira al-Shemaliya, Palestine on November has
actually warranted investigation by Israeli officials, the soldier
responsible for shooting and injuring the man has been sentenced to a
mere two weeks in Israeli military prison.

The man, Haytem Yasin, 25, was shot in the stomach and severely injured while visiting relatives in Palestine.  Yasin was shot after apparently questioning the soldiers' invasive search techniques of female Palestinians passing through the checkpoint.  According to Israeli sources, he is now being treated for major abdominal injuries in a hospital in the Israeli settlement of Petah Tikva.

The Israeli human rights group B'tselem reported that Yasin was first pushed by the soldier after making a comment about the searches.  Then, according to eyewitness accounts, two other soldiers joined in hitting Yasin, knocking him to the ground and continuing to beat and kick him, then throwing him against the cement blocks around the checkpoint.  After the soldiers had handcuffed him, they continued to beat and kick the man, and finally shot him in the stomach.

Yasin had been visiting Palestine from Algeria, where he lives with his parents.

Abuse at checkpoints is a common practice by Israeli soldiers, according to Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights groups who monitor the situation.