The Palestinian center For Human Rights, in Gaza, published its weekly
report on the Israeli violations and illegal activities in the occupied
territories in the period between 30 Nov – Sep 6. The center reported
that four Palestinians, including two children, were killed, and
thirteen, including 7 children, were injured.

Also the center added than one Palestinian child died of earlier wounds sustained in an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The center also reported that soldiers carried 37 military invasion in several Palestinian areas in the occupied West Bank. During these military offensives, Israeli soldiers took prisoner 117 Palestinians including five children and one woman.

Eight Palestinian civilians were taken prisoner at Israeli checkpoints installed in several areas in the occupied West Bank.

Also, four Palestinian houses and four civilian establishments were demolished in Qalqilia and Bethlehem.

All border crossings in the Gaza Strip remained closed, but were partially opened it certain cases to allow the entry of food, medical supplies and other medications. The movement of the residents remained restricted.

Israeli continued the construction of the illegal Annexation Wall in the West Bank, demolished a house and informed five Palestinian families that their house would be demolished.  

Settlers in the occupied West Bank continued their attacks against the Palestinian residents and their property especially in Hebron and Qalqilia.

A Palestinian house in a village, south of Hebron, was fired at by setters driving on bypass road Nr. 60, and one resident was injured by a round of live ammunition in his shoulder. One Palestinian child was also seriously injured in Hebron.

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