Israeli army abducted eleven Palestinian men during morning invasions to several parts of the West Bank on Tuesday.


Local sources in Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, reported that soldiers invaded the city from several direction, searched and ransacked a number of houses and took prisoner four residents. 

Khaled Abu Kharmah, 23, and his brother Hamzah, 21, Nahil Arafat, 23, and his brother Ammar, 19, were taken to an Israeli military camp after troops surrounded the houses of their families and forced all family members of the house before searching and ransacking the property.

Soldiers fired sound bombs and rounds of live ammunition at the residents  and theiur houses, no injuries were reported.

On Tuesday at dawn, soldier stormed the village of Azzoun east of Qalqilia city, in the norther part of the West Bank and abducted four men after searching and ransacking scores of houses in the village.

Local sources identified the four as; Yasser Saliem, 15, Murad Saliem, 17, Ahmad Odah, 22, and Rashid Radwan, 30.

In Hebron area, in the southern part of the West Bank, troops attacked several houses in the villages of Tafouha and Ithna west of the city.

Two men were abducted during the invasion; Ibrahem Izrikat, 26, from Tafouha village and Hitham Awwad, from Ithna village were both moved to an Israeli military camp after troops attacked and searched their their houses, their families reported.

Also, soldiers took prisoner one man form Bethlehem city, south of the West Bank, after he headed to Kfar Atzion military camp for an interview with the secret service (Shin- Bet) department there.

Abdullah Jubran, 25, was ordered to go for the interview in this military post which is located to the south of Bethlehem. After the interview, agents interrogating himordered the soldiers to detain him.