The Israeli Land Authority have demolished a number of houses in the
Arabic village of Um Mitnan, located in the Negev desert in the
southern Israel, on Tuesday afternoon.

The village is one of the unrecognized villages in the area.   Israeli Land Authorities claimed that the houses were constructed without proper building permits.

Residents said that the Authorities handed out demolishing orders to 17 houses in the village.

Last Thursday, the Israli police demolished 17 houses in the unrecognized village of Twayyil in the negev.

Forty years ago the State of Israel moved the families of this village
from their original land (8000 dunums) to the current location (400
meters squared per family) after the 1965 Planning and Construction
law, yet the State of Israel never recognized the village, and to this
day has not supplied it with the proper services even though the
residents are Israeli citizens , who carry an Israeli passport and pay taxes to the Israeli government.

There are some 40 Arab villages in northern Israel that are not recognized by the state. Residents of those villages are Palestinians who tried to go back to their land in 1948, but found Jewish families occupying them and refused to go to refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza Strip or outside the country.