The Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Prisoners’ Studies, said on Wednesday, that Israeli troops abducted 40 Palestinian residents, since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, last Friday.

Spokesperson for the center, Riyad Alashqar, was quoted as saying that the Israeli occupation forces have exposed lives of Palestinian prisoners to danger, by continuing to abduct them under the spread of the coronavirus, across Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Alashaar strongly criticized the Israeli authorities for conducting their abductions during the holy month of Ramadan, in which Palestinian families celebrate, gathering together in prayer and around 2 important meals, one prior to beginning a fast, and the other to break the fast.

“Among those abducted during the holy month of Ramadan, were 6 Palestinian teens from occupied East Jerusalem. In addition, Israeli authorities in east Jerusalem summoned the wife of late Palestinian, Misbah Abu Esbaih and took her to the Maskoubiya interrogation center”, the center’s spokesperson maintained.

The Palestinian Center for Prisoners’ Studies called on all relevant local and international prisoners institutions to pressure the Israeli government to halt all its oppressive policies against the Palestinian people, mainly the continued arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of Palestinian civilians.