At lest 15 Israeli army vehicles invaded Al Saf Street in down town Bethlehem city in the southern part of the West Bank, surrounded one house  and abducted three brothers, on Tuesday midday. 


Local sources told IMEMC that the surrounded house belongs to Eyad Kamel, said to be Aqsa brigades of Fatah activist, soldiers searched the houses along with neighboring houses and abducted Eyad 30, and two of his brothers Ra'ed, 32 and Mohamed, 22 and moved them to unknown military detention camp.   

The fourth brother Rami was exiled by the Israeli army to Ireland after the "Defensive Shield" Israeli military operation in 2002 when Israeli army invaded all West Bank cities including Bethlehem and surrounded the Nativity church the birth place of Jesus Christ forcing a 40 days siege on a group of Palestinian resistance fighters trapped inside the church without food and water.  

The crisis was solved when an agreement was reached between the Israeli army and Palestinians leaders to send some 29 fighters to Gaza and another 13 will be sent to exile under house arrest in European countries.   

With the Kamel brothers the number of Palestinians abducted by the Israeli army have mounted up to 21 residents by today's midday, on Tuesday morning Israeli army invaded several areas in central and northern parts of the West Bank and abducted 18 Palestinian men