Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli army has abducted 18 Palestinians from several parts of the West Bank on Tuesday morning among them several children.

In the villages of Abu Dis and Al Azariah, east of Jerusalem, central West Bank Israeli army attacked residents' houses, searched and ransacked them before leaving and abducting six residents on Tuesday at dawn.

Residents identified those abducted as, Montaser Dandan, 15, Ahmad Dandan, 15, Murad Rabi'e, 18, Tha'er Rabi'e, 18 Samih Rabi'e, 18, all five from Abu Dis village, while Ala Al Omreen, 25, was abducted from his house in Al Azariah village.

The families of the detainees said that soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded their sons and beaten them up before abducting them and moving them to unknown Israeli military detention camp.

Elsewhere, in the northern part of the West Bank, south of Nablus city, Israeli soldiers stationed at the Howara military checkpoint attacked and beaten up a Palestinian 15 year old boy and abducted him.

Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers forced the boy out of the line of residents, who lined up to cross the checkpoint, questioned him and started to beat him up on the head the lags before handcuffing him and abducting him to unknown destination, the name of the boy remains unknown until the time of this report.

Also in the northern part of the West Bank the Israeli army abducted eight Palestinian men from the city of Tulkarem. Israeli soldiers and vehicles stormed Al Shuka neighborhood in the eastern side of Tulkarem on Tuesday at dawn.Eyewitnesses reported that troops attacked and searched residents houses and abducted Mahmod Na'aloh, 26, Omer Najar, 32, Mahmod Najar, 22, Taleb Thafer, 50, Abd Allah Na'aloh, 26, Mohamed  Na'aloh, 27, Waled Al Najar, 22, all were moved to unknown detention camps.

Moreover Ahmad Taleb was taken prisoner at an Israeli military checkpoint near Tulkarem city after troops stopped his car searched it sat fire in it them abducted him eyewitnesses reported.

Near Jenin city in the northern part of the West Bank, Israeli troops invaded the town of Qabatiya backed with an army bulldozer; soldiers stormed and ransacked a number of houses including the house of Mohamed Nazal.Eyewitnesses stated that soldiers destroyed the front wall of Nazal's home before entering and searching it then abducted Nazal, also during the invasion troops abducted Samier Nazal, 13, after searching and ransacking his family house.