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Three injured in the Gaza strip among them two children, and the Israeli army abducts six residents from several parts of the West Bank. These stories and more coming up, stay tuned.

The Gaza Update

Palestinian medical sources reported that two Palestinian children were injured due to an Israeli missile attack that targeted Beit Hannoun, in the northern Gaza strip on Tuesday morning.

Dr. Mu'awiah Hassanin, the director of the emergency department in the ministry of health in Gaza, reported that Israeli troops stationed at northern Gaza Israeli borders launched two land-land missiles that hit Palestinian homes located in Beit Hannoun town and injured the two children. They were moved to nearby hospital where their wounds were described as critical.

Palestinian sources reported that unknown gunmen opened fire on Tuesday afternoon at the residential building in down-town Gaza city, no injuries were reported. The sources added that the Majed Abu Shamalih, a Fatah PLC member, and Yousif Issa, the director of the preventative security forces in Gaza city, both live in the building. Eyewitnesses stated that the group, using a white car, opened fire at the building and fled the scene.

Israeli army navel boats opened fire midday on Tuesday at the Al Waha beach near Beit Lahiaya town in the northern part of the Gaza strip. The boats fired heavily at the beach, no injures were reported, eyewitnesses said.

Murad Al Akhras, 20, an Aqsa brigades resistance fighter, was shot and injured after being targeted by a group of unknown gunmen in Rafah city, south of the Gaza strip, on Tuesday midday.

The man was moved to Abu Yousif Al Najar hospital in Rafah, where his wounds were described as moderate. Eyewitnesses stated that a group of unknown gunmen targeted Al Akhras and then fled the scene, no Palestinian group have claimed responsibility

The West Bank Update

The Israeli army invaded Aida refugee camp in the northern side of Bethlehem city on Tuesday morning and abducted two Palestinian women. Army jeeps and soldiers stormed the camp and opened fire randomly at resident's houses. Then troops searched and ransacked the houses of Riad Abu Sirour, soldiers left the house damaged and took Abu Sirour's wife Nawal, 45, and his daughter Ashjan, 21, to an unknown military camp.

Nawal is a house wife and her daughter Ashjan is a student in Abu Diess University, Abu Sirour said, and added that soldiers gave no reason for the abduction.

The Israeli army also abducted two Palestinian men from the villages of Beit Ola and Nuba west of the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday morning. According to a statement by the Palestinian Prisoners'Society in Hebron the two were identified as Ashraf Al A'dam, 30, from Beit Ula village who works at the Islamic Charitable Society in the village, and Mohamed Al Sharuf, 39, from Nuba village, director of the ministry of education office in Hebron city.

Army vehicles stormed residents homes in both villages, searched and ransacked them after forcing the families out, before leaving and taking the two men to an unknown location, eyewitnesses reported.

In the northern West Bank city of Nablus and the nearby Ein Beit Al Ma'e refugee camp, Israeli forces invaded and abducted two Palestinian men on Tuesday morning.

A massive force along with two bulldozers invaded down-town Nablus and surrounded several neighborhoods, eyewitnesses reported, and added that soldiers forced the residents out of their houses before searching them.

In the meantime, another force attacked and searched residents' houses in the nearby Ein Beit Al Ma'e refugee camp. Soldiers abducted Ibraheem Abu Al Rish, 19, and Jalal Ghanamah, 20, after searching their families' houses in the camp, eyewitnesses reported. Israeli soldiers also entered Balata refugee camp in Nablus, searched some houses there, but abducted no residents.

The force left the city and the refugee camp leaving behind a lot of destroyed shops and cars and damaged houses, sources in the city reported.

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