Palestinian prisoners at Al-Jalama detention facility are constantly being harassed by jail staff, two prisoners told the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

The PPS reported that Anas Sabah, of Tulkarem city and Hafez Sawafta, of the northern West Bank town of Tubass, suffered physical and psychological abuse from the Israeli investigators.

One investigator served candy to Anas Sabbah while informing him of the news of the killing of his brother by Israeli troops, said the PPS.

“The investigator entered my cell and served me some candy, while laughing then said to me ‘eat candy for the killing of your brother’”, the PPS quoted Sabah as saying.

The PPS said that Anas was taken prisoner from his house after they broke into the house and fired sound bombs.

At least 11,000 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli prisons and detention camps.