The two biggest Palestinian factions, the rival Fateh and Hamas, traded accusations on Friday night regarding the ongoing armed clashes between gunmen of the two movements. Hamas and Fateh movements said separately that they will not continue unity talks under the current conditions.Hamas media spokesperson, Ismail Radwan, said on Friday evening that the movement suspended its participation in government unity talks until further notice.


Radwan blamed what he described “Fateh coup leaders” for the latest violence in the Gaza Strip, and accused Fateh gunmen of killing Sheikh Zuheir Al Mansy, in Gaza’s Al Hidaya mosque of Tal Al Hawa neighborhood.


He also blamed Fateh gunmen for the death of the 2-year old Yahia Abu Bokra, who was shot dead in Gaza during clashes.


Radwan also blamed “gunmen under the command of Mohammad Dahlan” for “abducting youths in Nablus”, and of killing several members of the Executive Force.


Meanwhile, Fateh movement said that it will not agree to a unity government with Hamas as long as “its members continue these assaults”.


The movement told the Higher Follow-up Committee that it will not be part of the unity talks especially if Hamas gunmen harm the abducted Fateh leader, Mansour Shalayil.


Also, the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, said that it released all of the abducted Hamas members in Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank.


Thirteen Palestinians, including one child, and members of Fateh and Hamas, were killed on Thursday and Friday during the gun battles between Fateh and Hamas gunmen; dozens of residents were injured.