The Israeli army invaded several cities in the northern part of the West Bank and abducted 17 Palestinian men on Monday morning.

In Qalqilia, an Israeli army force searched and ransacked a number of houses in the city center and took 14 men to an unknown detention camp.

Among those abducted were; Abd Al Kareem Iwiss, 23, Ala Abu Hamed, 25, and Muaath Zahran, 24. Eyewitnesses stated that troops invaded the city in the dawn hours and continued to search houses and abduct men for more than four hours.

In the meantime, Israeli troops also invaded the city of Jenin and the nearby Al Zawia village, and abducted one man. Troops attacked, searched and ransacked residents houses in several parts of Jenin city, eyewitnesses reported that Israeli soldiers forced all family members out of their homes and questioned them, even the children.

In Al Zawia village soldiers also attacked and searched houses and took Rabe' Abu Al Wafa, 18 from his home, his family reported.

At Howwara Israeli army checkpoint located on the southern entrance of Nablus city in the northern part of the West Bank, troops abducted two Palestinian men trying to cross the checkpoint. Eyewitnesses said that the two were blindfolded and handcuffed, then an Israeli army vehicle drove them away to unknown location.

Israeli army sources claimed that the two were carrying cases of live rounds, a claim that was contradicted by eyewitnesses.

Also on Monday morning, in the central part of the West Bank, the Israeli army abducted Assem Mubarak, 23, from AL Jalazon refugee camp in the city of Ramallah and took him to an unknown location after searching his house, local sources reported.

Israeli army radio reported on Monday that Israeli troops invaded and attacked several West Bank areas and abducted 26 Palestinian men.