The Palestinian Legislative Council, PLC, convened in an urgent session on Tuesday in Gaza and Ramallah. This is the first time they have met in three months. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the internal clashes and the issue of shifting the talks back to the formation of a National Unity Government.The session was attended by most legislators in the West Bank but all Gaza Strip legislators, except Jamil Majdalawi, did not attend. Majdalawi is member of the leftists Abu Ali Mustafa bloc.


Majdalawi proposed forming a committee that would be in charge in following national unity talks in Gaza, and presented the latest point the unity talks reached before the current internal clashes took place.


Head of the Fateh block at the PLC, Azzam Al Ahmad, said that harmony and agreements should be found within the PLC halls so that the legislators would be able to create unity and harmony outside of the PLC.


Legislator, Ayman Daraghma, accused “external sides” of causing the clashes and adding fuel to the fire in order to create further clashes.


Legislator Salam Fayyad, welcomed the agreement that was singed on Monday and it's direct call for withdrawing all gunmen from the streets and stopping the internal clashes.


He called for legislations that bar carrying weapons, allowing only policemen and security personnel to do so.


Bassam Salhi, head of the Leftist Badil bloc, said that the PLC has two important roles now; advancing the national initiatives to stop the clashes and enforce law and order, and the second is to maintain the Palestinian democracy.


Salhi added that the Palestinians do not want dialogue that does not abide by the law and do not want solutions that do not respect the basic law.


Mustapha Barghouthi, head of the Independent Palestine Bloc, called for an end to chaos and held “external sides” responsible for inflaming the internal clashes.


Barghouthi added that Fateh and Hamas should be willing to achieve internal peace,and the higher goal of civil security in order to end the crisis instead of making promises that the people “are fed up with”.


The PLC session ended by a call for the formation of a unity government, a call to end the clashes and to support public initiatives that aim at achieving internal unity among the people and the factions.