Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday night that under-cover forces of the Israeli army infiltrated into the northern West Bank city of Jenin, shot and injured one child and abducted two resistance fighters.The Palestine News network, PNN, reported that the under-cover units ambushed two fighters at the western entrance of Jenin, between Kafer Dan village and Jenin.


The attack took place in Al Sa’ada area, in Haifa Street. After ambushing the vehicle and firing at it, soldiers called additional troops to back them up.


Dozens of military vehicles arrived to the scene directly after the attack and closed the area barring even Red Crescent ambulances from coming in.


One child, identified as Sa’ed Mahmoud Abid, 12, was shot and injured by a live round in his leg.


Mahmoud Abid, Sa'ed's father, said that soldiers fired at his vehicle as he was driving through the area along with his wife and children.


Medical sources in Jenin described the condition of the child as stable.