Russia called yesterday for an end to the international embargo which is imposed on the Palestinian people, and urged the Quartet Committee to take relevant action.

Alexander Sultanov, Deputy-foreign minister of Russia, was quoted by Interfax News Agency as saying “Russia has always been calling for an end to the international sanctions being imposed on the Palestinian people”.

Sultanov added that a Palestinian unity government that meets the international community demands would help lift such a siege.

He called also on both the Israelis and Palestinians to participate in direct talks on basis of the Road Map peace plan for the sake of a viable Palestinian state.

Russia is a member of the Quartet Committee for Middle East peace, which includes also the United States, United Nations and the European Union. The Quartet has boycotted the Hamas-led government since the latter came to power last January in parliamentary elections.

They call on the Hamas government to renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept previously signed peace agreements with Israel as pre-conditions for lifting the economic embargo imposed since March 2006.