Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday that the Israeli army has moved a military checkpoint from the entrance of Al Majdal village south east of Nablus city, in the northern part of the West Bank, to a new location.The sources stated that the new location is in farm lands that belongs to the nearby village of Akraba.

The Head of the village council Mr. Jawudat Tzat said that soldiers at this checkpoint are not allowing Palestinian men under the age of 35 to pass through. He added that soldiers attacked farmers and shepherds in the area where the new checkpoint is installed.

Sources in the village of Akraba also added that six families who are living in huts near the new location of the checkpoint have received evection orders from the army, which claims that the land is a ‘closed military area’.

Tzat sated that the village has already lost 120 dunams of land which was confiscated by the Israeli army to build the illegal settlement of Jitit. The total size of the village’s farm land is 144 dunams, Tzat concluded.