Senior Israeli officials of the Gaza Israeli military Brigade claimed that Palestinian factions, especially Hamas, are preparing at least ten tunnels that lead to Israeli area, and that Hamas is gaining more military power, especially missiles and explosives.The officials stated that “the occurrence of a military attack by Hamas through one of these tunnels is a matter of time”.

The officials added that Israel must carry out a military offensive in the Gaza Strip, in areas that are close to the “electronic fence” that surrounds the Gaza Strip.

The military officials warned that the power of Hamas is increasing, and that it has obtained anti-tank missiles, and tons of explosive materials.

The statements of the military officials came during a meeting with the Israeli Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, and Gabi Ashkenazi, Israeli Army Chief of Staff during a Tuesday meeting with the brigades in charge of operations in the Gaza Strip.

Peretz stated during a security debriefing that “any solution that would protect the Israelis will be taken in consideration”.

He added that Israel prefers a political solution to the issue, “but if this was not possible, then we will carry a military operation”.