Ahmad Sa’adat, Secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demanded that the Arab leaders holding their summit is Saudi Arabia affirm the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homeland.Sa’adat said that Arab leaders should remain steadfast on the Palestinian national rights of independence and the right of return in any possible peace settlement.

Sa’adat’s statement came as he was talking to Botheina Douqmaq, one of the lawyers of the Mandela Institute as she visited him and other detainees, Mousa Doudeen and Sultan Al Jalony, in Hadarim Israeli detention facility.

He said that the Arab Summit is obliged to break the siege imposed on the Palestinian people, and to start practical measures to transfer the Palestinian case to the United Nations in order to guarantee the implementation of UN resolutions regarding the Palestinian and Arab Israeli conflict.

Sa’adat also stated that the Israeli escalation in the daily attacks in the occupied territories, and the attempts to annex Jerusalem and the areas around it, in addition to settlement construction and expansion are considered Israeli attempts to annex the Palestinian lands and Jerusalem.

He added that all national and Islamic factions should achieve a practical national plan to defend the land, defend Jerusalem and protect the Palestinian struggle and interests.