Israeli soldiers detained on Saturday evening several teachers of the Tulkarem Teachers Forum at the Beit Eeba checkpoint, west of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank.

In a phone interview with a reporter of the Maan News Agency, the teachers said that they participated in a seminar on the teachers’ role in developing the capacities of the younger generations. They added that on their way back to Tulkarem, soldiers stopped them at the checkpoint, insulted and cursed them, and detained them for a long period while checking their identity cards.

Several hours later, soldiers threatened to shoot the teachers if they didn’t leave the area, and forced them to go back without allowing them to cross the checkpoint. The teachers eventually had to go back and took a different and longer road. The Teachers Forum in Tulkarem denounced the illegal and inhumane acts of the soldiers and stated that these incidents repeatedly take place at dozens of roadblocks in the occupied West Bank.