Israeli forces invaded several cities and towns located in different parts of the West Bank and abducted 14 Palestinian civilians on Monday morning.

In Bethlehem city in the southern part of the West Bank, Israeli troops and jeeps attacked and searched residents' houses located in Al Aza refugee camp. Soldiers forced families out of their homes during the search then abducted 5 men, eyewitnesses reported.

Among those five were: Kareem Al Barbari, 30, Hamza Al Azza, 17 and Issa Al Barbari, 47. All were taken to unknown detention camps.

Also in the southern part of the West Bank, Israeli troops attacked and searched houses in the city of Hebron and the nearby village of Beit Fajar. In Beit Fajar, troops attacked and searched houses then left the village after abducting Anass Takatka, 19, and So'od Thawabtah, 19. In the city of Hebron soldiers abducted Mamdoh Al Qawasmi, 19 while he was coming back to the city after crossing the borders with Jordan. His family stated that soldiers attacked the family home and ransacked it after abducting Qawasmi.

Moreover, six civilians were abducted from Jenin city, Jenin refugee camp and a nearby village, in the northern part of the West Bank, The abductions took place during a search campaign the Israeli army conducted there on Monday morning.

Soldiers searched homes and opened fire randomly at residents and their belongings, causing damage to property. No injuries were reported. The army left the area after some time, taking six civilians to unknown detention camps. Among those abducted were: Ibaraheem Abu Al Khier and his brother Salah from Slitat Al Harthia village west of Jenin, and Rami Kamiel, 20, from Qabatia village south of Jenin.