After a twenty-four hour ban, the Israeli army allowed Palestinian security forces to operate in the streets of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem on Thursday evening.

Israeli forces invaded Tulkarem on Thursday afternoon, and attacked residential areas. They tightened closure and restrictions at the Jabara military checkpoint leading to the city and held several cars for hours.

Local sources reported that a massive Israeli army force entered the down-town are of the city. Youth from the city threw rocks at the invading troops who started a house-house search in different areas in the city. Tulkarem has witnessed several Israeli army invasions in the past 24 hours, local sources reported.

Israeli army sources stated that the army is planning to conduct a wide-scale military offensive in the city soon to locate resistance fighters. On Wednesday night, The army ordered the Palestinian seucrity forces to evacuate the city and threatened to arrest any security officer if they see them in the streets.