Palestinian political detainees in Gilboa’ and Shatta Israeli prisons complained that they are deprived from medical attention and treatment, and stated that several detainees are in immediate need for hospitalization.The Mandela Institute issued a press release slamming the Israeli policies and illegal practices against the detainees after its lawyers, Botheina Douqmaq and Hilal Jaber, managed on Friday to visit a number of detainees in both detention facilities.

A statement released by the institute stated that the detainees complained that they are deprived from their medication rights, and that some detainees are in urgent need for hospitalization but the prison administration is rejecting to transfer him to any hospital outside the prison compound.   

Some of the detainees who need urgent medical attention were identified as Ahmad Awad Kameel, Yousef Ershayyid, Othman Abu Khoroj, Kamal Al Sabbagh, Rafat Ghawadra and Amjad Yahia.

Moreover, Mandela lawyer, Hilal Jaber, visited several detainees who have been imprisoned since long periods. The detainees complained of bad treatments and the lack of basic equipment and tools.

The detainees demanded not to be excluded from any prisoner swap deal that could be reached between Palestinian fighters holding an Israeli soldier captive since last year, and Israel.

The detainees that Jaber managed to meet were identified as Moayyad Abdul-Samad from Anabta, Bishir Al Maqt from the Golan, Othman Bani Hasan from a village near Jenin, Khalid Taha from Jerusalem, Abdul-Latif Shqeir from a village near Salfir, Aladdin Bazian from Jerusalem, Karim Younis from Ara village in Israel, and Shady Yassin from Tulkarem.