A report prepared and published by the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) revealed that Israeli troops shot and killed 860 Palestinian children since the beginning of the Intifada in September 2000. At least 5056 Palestinians were killed since then.On the occasion of the Palestinian Child Day (April 5), the PPS stated that the Israeli army increased its violence against Palestinian children, and placed thousands in prison.

According to the report, the year 2006 was the harshest year on Palestinian children, and that the army kidnapped 2000 children.

Since 2000, troops kidnapped at least 6000 residents, and 390 children are currently imprisoned by Israel.

Hundreds of children were kidnapped as children, and became 18 years old while they were still imprisoned.

Also the PPS reported that the detained children were tortured and abused during interrogation and during the course of their arrest. Hundreds were kidnapped after the soldiers broke into their homes during late night hours.

During the arrest, soldiers repeatedly attacked the children, their family members, handcuffed and blindfolded them before dragging them out of their homes.

Israeli courts deal with the detained Palestinian children as adults and pass harsh sentences and fines against then.

The PPS report accused the Israeli army of conducting illegal and inhuman practices against the detained children, and that dozens of detained children stated in signed affidavits that there taken prisoner just because soldiers suspected that they hurled stones at them, and dozens of children were taken prisoner on Israeli roadblocks.

Also, the Israeli authorities does not inform the Red Cross or any other human rights organizations of arrests soldiers conduct, therefore the detainees spend weeks and sometimes months before their parents are informed of their whereabouts.