Palestinian unity cabinet set Saturday the final touches for a security plan, aimed at restoring law and order to the unruly Palestinian territories.

Palestinian interior minister, Hani Qawasmi, an independent, told reporters, following a cabinet meeting in Gaza and Ramalla via video conference that the security plan, he presented last week to the cabinet, has been endorsed.

Qawasmi expected that the 100-day long plan will go into effect shortly after his ministry would have concluded the needed arrangements.

The Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip, have been going through an unprecedented state of chaos and lawlessness with hundreds of Palestinians killed and hundreds others wounded during Fatah-Hamas infighting and family feuds over the past four months.

Populations of both the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been beyond poverty line with %60 of unemployment, since an economic embargo has been imposed internationally after last January’s elections , which brought Hamas to power.