Palestinian Arab member of Israeli parliament (Knesset), Mohammad Barraka, dubbed the Israeli regime on Tuesday a ‘terrorist state' in criticism of the Israeli position towards the Palestinian final status issue.

Baraka’s remarks came during a ceremony marking the annual Palestinian Prisoner's Day in the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

The Arab MP criticized the Israeli handling of the Palestinian prisoners’ profile, and the ‘abduction’ of 41 Palestinian MPs since last summer.

He stated that the ‘battle’ with the Israeli occupation is a prolonged one for it is mainly concerned with freedom, humanity and putting an end to the oppression experienced by the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

With regards to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s call for a peace conference, MP Baraka voiced doubts about Olmert’s true intentions, as he ‘practices terrorism, withholds Palestinian money, abducts Palestinian ministers and legislators and has more than 10,000 Palestinians detained’.

Israel maintains a tight military control over the West Bank with more settlement activities on the ground, a notorious separation barrier and more than 400 checkpoints. It also strictly controls Gaza’s main crossing points, airspace and sea, turning Gaza into 'an open air prison'.