Palestinian deputy-prime minister, Azzam Al-Ahmad, expected Monday that more pressure will be exerted on the Palestinians in light of Winogard report over failure of Israeli army in its last summer war on Lebanon.
The Winogard report, released Monday, has put much blame on the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, for what the report called ā€˜Israeli army failureā€™ during the last summer war on Lebanon.

The report also owed the failure to other Israeli army officials, mainly in the military establishment.

Al-Ahmad told reporters in Ramallah that the ā€˜Palestinians will encounter further difficulties, reiterating that the Palestinians ā€˜had no peace partnerā€™.

Many voices in Israel have called for the resignation of Olmert in light of the Winogard panelā€™s report, a matter that would threaten the current Israeli government coalition and reflect negatively on the Palestinian-Israeli stalled peace, according to commentators.