Israeli forces invaded the northern West Bank city of Nablus and nearby villages, during the invasion troops kidnapped 4 civilians another 2 were kidnapped at a nearby military checkpoint on Wednesday morning.
Mahier Abed, 20, and his brother Alam, 18, were crossing the Howwara checkpoint located at the southern entrance of Nablus city on their way to Ramallah city in the central West Bank. Soldiers at the checkpoint stopped them then forced them into a nearby military post, witnesses reported.

Three Palestinian teens were kidnapped when Israeli troops invaded the village of Salem to the east of Nablus city, on Wednesday. Local sources said that a massive Israeli army force stormed the village and searched number homes then kidnapped Baha Issa, 17, Na’el Issa, 18, and Nur Hamdan, also 18 and took them to unknown detention camps.

Burka village located north of Nablus city was also attacked on Wednesday morning by the Israeli army, residents reported that soldiers searched and ransacked scores of the village homes then took Abd-Allah Haja, 23, to unknown detention camp, soldiers trashed families’ homes and damaged their furniture during the house to house search, the residents added.

The city of Nablus is being attacked daily by the Israeli army, where civilians and their homes are systematically being attacked and abused.