Palestinian Legislator, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Qais Abdul-Karim, Abu Laila, stated on Wednesday that he will call on the Legislative Council’s Social Affairs Committee, which he heads, to convene on Saturday to discuss the issue of the late salaries of the teachers, governmental employees and military personnel.Abu Laila stated that the government backed down on its promises and the agreements it signed with the laborers union.

He stated that the government vowed last Monday, in front of the striking teachers, to transfer the late salaries and to implement the signed agreements with the union, but now it backed down on its promises.

Abu Laila added that the whole government is responsible for these issues and should abide by, and implement, all agreements signed with it and the previous government.

He called on the national unity government to respond to the expectations of the residents, and their hopes that it will fully perform its duties.

Furthermore, Abu Laila said that the government must find the needed means to lift the unjust Israel-American led embargo and siege over the Palestinian people, and added that this government should present a practical plan that corresponds with the needs of the people to lead a decent life.