Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh accepted the resignation of the Minster of Interior Hani Al-Qawasmi on Wednesday morning.
Al-Qawasmi told a press conference in Gaza that he resigned because he does not have enough authority as a Minister of Interior that will allow him to implement the plan he designed to maintain security and impose the rule of law in the Palestinian areas.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Palestinian vice Premier Azam Al-Ahmad blamed the Al- Qawasmi for the deteriorating security situation in the Gaza strip cased by the minister’s delay of implementing the security plan agreed on by the government.

Al-Ahmad told IMEMC that ‘the Interior Minister should stand for his responsibility or resign immediately’. Al-Ahmed also held Hamas responsible for the latest ‘unfortunate’ events, and pointed out that some groups are linked to external forces and it implement their hidden agenda which is against the interests of the Palestinian people.

The vice Premier said that he is surprised by the Interior Minister’s demand that the presidential guards submit their weapons to him, questioning the intentions behind such demand.

Al-Ahmad demanded Hamas’ leaders to take their responsibility towards security issues before it is too late, hinting that they know who stands behind the current chaos, and called upon the Palestinian people to act towards what he described as a ‘supreme national interest.’ Al-Qawadmi submitted his resignation nearly three weeks ago, but was rejected by Haniyeh.