Israeli air strikes carried out in the early morning hours of Saturday have killed two Palestinians, and wounded at least five.  The air strikes were targeting Palestinians connected with the Hamas party.  At least two hit near the home of the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya.



Five Palestinian residents have been wounded in an Israeli air strike on a metal workshop in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalya, medical sources said.

Palestinian sources and witnesses confirmed that an Israeli warplane fired a missile on a metal workshop, owned by the Abu Dayer family, wounding five people and destroying the workshop.

Meanwhile, two Israeli raids hit the location of Palestinian Prime Minister’s special guards in western Gaza city. No casualties were reported. Israeli Defense Minister, Amir Perets, said last Tuesday that Ismail Haniya of Hamas (Palestinian Prime Minister), maybe a target for future Israeli army actions.

A missile landed on yesterday night just few hundred meters away from the house of the Palestinian PM Earlier on Friday evening, two Hamas resistance fighters were killed and 9 bystanders wounded after an Israeli warplane fired a missile on a car in eastern Gaza city.

The Israeli air strikes have gone unabated over the past week, as 33 Hamas-linked men and seven children have been killed, while more than 130 others wounded.

Israel decided last week it would step up attacks on Gaza, mainly the targeted-killing, in what Israel says ‘a response to Palestinian homemade shells’, the Palestinian resistance groups have fired.