The Al Aqsa brigades have claimed responsibility for launching a homemade shell near the road between Nablus and Surra village, to the West of Nablus.It was reported that the operation occurred on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the brigade’s leader, Daoud Katoni.

The resistance forces shelled Israeli jeeps while they passed through the area to Nablus city, with large clashes taking place after the arrival of Israeli reinforcements.

No injuries were reported.

The brigades reported that such operations will continue, and that the breach in the truce comes as a response to Israeli attacks against the Palestinians.

In a separate operation, the Abu Ali Mustafa brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), shelled an Israeli border crossing on Sunday morning.

‘The operation was a response to the siege by Israel’, said the brigades. They added that such activities would continue until the legitimate rights of the Palestinians are met.