The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, DFLP, issued a press release on Wednesday on Wednesday reporting that its delegates met in Gaza with the Egyptian security envoys and discussed with them the recent Israeli military escalations and attacks against the Palestinian people.  The DFLP delegate included member of the DFLP political bureau Ramzi Rabah, Saleh Nasser and Mahmoud Kahalaf. The Egyptian security team was headed by Borhan Hammad.

The meeting discussed the preparations for launching the Palestinian National Dialogue, the efforts to counter the Israeli military escalations and the internal clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The DFLP thanked Egypt for its positive role in preserving the Palestinian unity, and the implementation of the security plan which was prepared by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in order to maintain law and order, and to stop the internal clashes.

The DFLP called for rebuilding the Palestinian institutions, either governmental of non-governmental, and to reactivate and reform the institutions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).