The Israeli army and settlers attacked a non-violent protest against the Annexation wall in Bani-Na’em, near Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank, on Friday midday. Palestinian Information Minister. Dr Mustafa Barghouthi participated in the protest.
Dr. Barghouthi reported that Israeli forces and settlers assaulted women, land owners and a number of Journalists, kidnapping 6 persons, among them a journalist identified as Abed Al Hafez Al Hashlamoun.

Dr Barghouthi also reported that a large number of Israeli soldiers and settler surrounded the demonstrators during the protest, adding that the participants of the nonviolent protest were greatly surprised by the violent attacks carried out by the army and settlers.

Dr. Barghouthi criticized the attack and ensured that these actions would not prevent the Palestinian people from protecting their land and protesting against the Annexation Wall.