According to human rights statistics, since 1967, Israeli occupation authorities issued approximately 50,000 administrative detention orders, between new decisions and a renewals of thousands

Statistics published by the Prisoners’ Information office reveal that, since 2000, the Israeli occupation issued 26,000 administrative detentions, some of which were new while others were  renewal of old ones; the peak came in 2014, according to Al Ray.

About 60% of such orders were renewed more than one time.

Currently, 550 detainees of administrative dentition now languish in Israeli jails.

The statistics pointed out that administrative detention is contrary to international laws and norms, and is considered one of the crimes committed against the Palestinians.

Administrative detention is an archaic punishment procedure, dating back to the times of British Mandate Palestine, in which detainees are held, with without charge or trial, for indefinitely renewable periods of up to 6 months, often under harsh,  unethical conditions.