During his one day visit to the Palestinian areas the President of the United States of America George Bush arrived on Thursday midday to the Nativity Church located in the centre of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem.
The Palestinian Authority Security forces have placed the city under strict security measures since last night, restricting movement between villages and towns neighboring Bethlehem shutting down the entire city.

Bush was greeted inside the church by several Palestinian and religious officials, after a short tour inside the church that latest 15 minutes President Bush and his convoy left the city where he was lifted by air to Jerusalem.

On Thursday morning president Bush and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met in the central West Bank city of Ramallah where they had brief talks and afterwards they had a joint press conference.

First to take the floor was President Abbas who welcomed Bush and deemed his visit as historical and he welcomed the fact that Bush is the only American President that has agreed on the Palestinian right of independence. Abbas added that the Palestinians wish for peace, freedom and stability and asked Bush help them accomplish that.

“Do you want a democratic Palestinian State or the status quo?” Bush asked in the news conference. He did however, fail to mention anything regarding the border and the nature of this state.

He also failed to mention any of the core issues that Palestinians strive to solve, such as borders, refugees, Jerusalem, prisoners and the wall, but instead focused on fighting “terrorism.”

Across the street from the Nativity Church a few hundred Palestinians gathered and raised signs demanding Bush to force Israel to stop building settlements and attacking Palestinians in order for peace to happen. Palestinian security hassled the crowd and arrested and detained some of the demonstrators for some time before letting them go.