Yasser Abed Rabo, the secretary general of the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization as well as a member of the Palestinian negotiation team with Israelis, stated on Monday that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is not planning stop the negotiations with Israel or dissolve the current negotiation team.
His comments came in response to a report issued by Egyptian Al Jomhuriya Newspaper earlier on Monday, the newspaper reported that Abbas intends to stop all talks with Israel and dismiss the Palestinian negotiation team due to the Israeli continued attacks on the Gaza strip and the decision by the Israeli government to step up the siege imposed on the Coastal Region.

Responding to a question by journalists about what Palestinian government is planning to do towered the deteriorating situation in the Gaza strip, Abed Rabo said, ‘The government is doing all the help it could to aid the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza’, he added that on Sunday Israel to allowed 50 Palestinian patients to leave Gaza to get medical help in Israeli hospitals.

The Palestinian Minister for foreign affairs and the information Minister Dr. Riad Al Malki stated on Monday, ‘The international and the Arab communities will not accept this Israeli escalation’, he also added that he ‘expects that Israel will stop its latest escalation under international pressure.’ Al Malki blamed Hamas for the current situation in Gaza and said that Hamas is trying to build it own state in the Coastal Region.

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